Are you ready?

Camp is coming up soon! Are you packed yet? No, what!?!? Maybe you need a refresher course on what to pack for camp. Or you could be a first time camper and are not sure what to bring. Here is an idea of things you may need.

To bring

1. Casual, modest clothes for both warm and cool weather (6 days) of warm days and cool nights. Also some people like to dress in Sunday Church clothes for evening tabernacle, you don’t have to but just wanted to mention it. Also one set of old clothes to get dirty.

2. A Bible if you have one (if you don’t we’ll find you one)

3. Flashlight

4. Towels for showers and the beach

5. Toothbrush, toothpaste, all those items need to stay clean

6. Any balance of unpaid fees for camper registrations and forms that haven’t been turned in yet.

7. Shoes for playing wide games (sandals are great for the beach, but not for our games).

8. Sunscreen & bug spray

9. Modest Swimsuit

10. Be prepared for activity changes and new options

11. Be ready with a good attitude and a good appetite and you’ll have a great time.

12. Sleeping bag (or warm blankets) and a pillow

13. Warm jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt

14. Notebook and pen / pencil


  • Camera & film
  • Musical instruments
  • Fishing tackle

 What not to bring to camp:

1. Cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol (possession will mean immediate dismissal)

2. Electronic games, firecrackers, fireworks, secular music and / or books…

Please check the LOST AND FOUND at the closing of your camp week.

I am sure I forgot something. What do you pack for camp?

Registration begins at 1pm on Sunday June 17 and Red Rock Camp closes at Noon on Saturday 23rd.

Finally don’t forget your forms .  You haven’t registered yet?? Well hurry up just go here to fill out the registration.

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