Reflections on camp from JR Camp

I wanted to share some of the reflections of camp our church has been talking about this past week.

Here is a selection from our Junior camp program.

I think everybody needs to come to Red Rock Camp because it is too hard to describe. The Tabernacle time is awesome and the speakers are wonderful. Seeing God move in the people’s lives is amazing.
Brian Coley (Jr. Camp Counselor)
Camp is awesome because of friends. I love the way Magic Mike teaches us about God through his stories and lessons and tricks.
Lily Betker (Junior Camper)
I saw God at Red Rock Camp when I was walking with my group to the Tabernacle for evening Chapel and when I saw very bright light shining on the Island across the lake while it was very dark around the rest of the lake. 
God touched me at Red Rock Camp when I was in the Tabernacle everyday singing and praying. 
The best part of Red Rock Camp for me this year was learning how to do archery and learning more about God.  I also learned 2 verses:  Acts 1:8 and Ephesians 6:11-17.
You should come to Red Rock Camp next year because it is fun and you learn about God.  You also make new friends. 
Emily Masterjohn (Junior Camper)
At a very young age, my family and I were introduced to Red Rock by the Blackford family.  At the time I didn’t fully know the impact this place would come to have on my life. Red Rock is a place were people in all different spiritual stages come together. Regardless of their age, or past struggles.  This allowed me to create bonds with the other campers on a deeper level on which only grew stronger each year.  Leading me to an understanding of the power it holds, and my spiritual urgency to attend. Red Rock to me is much more than a camp, it’s a family, who together, seek the understanding and love of God.
Jennifer Scott (Junior Camp Counselor)

We learned a couple new Bible verses that I have been trying to learn for a while. I had a really good time and I like how Magic Mike is so funny and he is also a ventriloquist.
Max Thompson (Junior Camper)
I like Red Rock Camp because you get to experience God while you are having lots and lots of fun. I got to go in 4 different kinds of boats and practice my archery skills. I love swimming and especially the Blob! We learned all about the armor of God which helps you stay close to God and helps you resist believing in the false things that Satan tries to tell you.
Nathan Werner (Junior Camper) 
Red Rock is awesome. You get to do so many fun things, make new friends and learn more deeply about God’s word. I love Red Rock Camp!
Rebekah Werner (Junior Camper) 
Cassi Betker
Dean of Women
Forest Hills UMC

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