Reflections of Camp from the Adults

Two weeks ago we looked at how the young at camp feel about it. This week we have the reflections from the adult programming group.

Red Rock camp meetings are often alike, but never the same. Every year I see God doing new things, but never the same way twice. It’s there I see old friends, but meeting new people really complete the week. It’s there some of my spiritual roots have been planted; and it’s at a camp like this that those roots grow new spiritual fruit in my life. It’s exciting to me to think of what God will do in another year in my life at camp. 

Rev. Dan Hair (Vice President of Program)
I enjoyed seeing Pastor David nervous about leading the Adult Bible studies, following Bible scholars and professors in the past, and leading the group that had pastors and many others who knew their Bibles so well. Yet we had a good experience together as we discussed and learned about “Problematic Parables” told by Jesus. We all learned so much.
Glen Geving (Adult Camper)
When asked to describe the Red Rock experience in five sentences, I “goggusmos,” the Greek word for complaining. So instead I will share what my five senses encountered at the RED ROCK 2012. I saw the kingdom of heaven gathered from young and old, and joined their voices giving glory to God in all things. I was nourished with the flavors and tastes of Christ banquet table, alongside so many disciples, as we renewing our covenant at meal time. What most impacted me, are the blessings I received from touching the face of Christ in every human encounter.
Louis James (Adult Camper)
How I saw God at camp
I saw God work with many people the week of Red Rock Camp: The coming together by both kids and adults to pray for and over someone, God working through people during the storms to keep everyone calm, God personally working through me to help me step out of my introverted style and start conversations with those around me, and to seek out people to introduce myself to.  God worked through many people at Red Rock, and as days and weeks go by, we will hear many more stories on how Gods work was done.
Steve Betker (Adult camper)
I enjoy Red Rock immensely. It is a wonderful time away to reconnect with our Lord and with the fellowship of believers. My children are blessed and encouraged in their faith journeys. God’s Word gets hidden in their hearts and we all worship Him together.
Teresa Werner (Adult Camper) 
Once you get to camp, growing with God is easy. In fact, it is almost inevitable. The hard thing is getting there. The best way of all to get yourself there is to get someone else there and wind up there yourself in the process. To get someone to camp, these are the steps:  
           1. Pray 
           2. Start early 
           3. Pray 
           4. Help the person to locate monies  
           5. Pray 
           6. Nag 
           7. Pray again 
The dates for next year are June 16th-22, 2013. Encourage the person to put the dates on their calendar now and keep them open. Give them a 2013 calendar if they don’t have one. Help the person to locate any campership money or other monies that might be available to them. Nagging may be required. If necessary, nag. Get that person to camp!
Jennifer (Geving) Berglund (Adult Camper)
Nearly 20 people affiliated with our church just got back from a week at Red Rock Bible Camp. The camp is hosted at Koronis Ministries near Paynesville and is a camp for all ages. I asked those who went to share some highlights. I’ll start: Rev. Dan Hair lifted up the life and ministry of Tulida Blackford, a member of our church and a long-time Red Rock Bible camper, at the memorial service on Friday evening. The legacy she and others like her continues, as many lives were transformed again this year. Another highlight for me was an altar call for those who felt called into professional ministry in some form. Well over a dozen youth and adults came forward for prayer. God showed up in amazing ways! Read about some more below!
Summer blessings,
Pastor David (Adult Camper)
When my Pastor David asked me to put a “blurb” together about Red Rock Camp. I had to laugh what I have to say about this place is so much longer than a blurb. But then I thought harder and I realized that Red Rock is more than any words can describe, it is a feeling. A feeling of anticipation, that rushes over me as I near camp grounds. The feeling of peace that enters in upon arrival, even as crazy as my job gets there, peace resides. The feeling of belonging to a extended Christian community as I am greeted by old friends and new. The feeling of power as the Holy Spirit sweeps through the tabernacle during evening alter calls. The feeling of love as I watch each camper and adult reach out to lift someone up. The feeling of sadness as the week comes to a close and it’s time to say good bye. But there is also the feeling of renewal as I leave filled up and ready to be a light throughout the year.
Cassi Betker (Dean of Women)
I’ve been attending Red Rock camp for over 20 years now, and one of the things I’ve always appreciated so much about Red Rock was very evident again this year. Red Rock is a family camp which makes it an inter-generational camp. Families come to camp and each family member has their own age group to be with and activities to experience, but the whole family is there enjoying the overall experience of the camp together. And families come in many forms: two parent families with children, single parents with children, grandparents with grandchildren, siblings attending together, families with two, three and four generations there together. And every family member receives spiritual renewal, new spiritual truths, and are ministered to by the various generations present in camp. I and my family feel blessed by Red Rock camp every year.
Diane Geving (Camp Nurse)

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