Remembering LoraJean Vrieze Spencer

I met you, LoraJean way back in Jr Camp. We looked like the Von Trap family following our counselor around camp singing. And the pictures of you and Sarah Gabel giving me the look of enough already with that camera. Back in those cabins everything was easy and simple still.

Then we slid apart during the Jr Sr high years. You took the good girl route, I wish I had. You always seemed to laughing at life. That the world was a such a happy place to you. I remember your positiveness just seemed to bubble forth in everything.

We became adults and it was years before we connected again. But then all those years seemed to slip away as we talked. The bond of motherhood can do that. Raising girls is not in easy task we said. We talked theatre, life and chickens.

Then everything changed or at least in my mind it did. You were in a fight. Cancer had invaded. But you didn’t change, such a testament to all of us. Your positiveness still bubbled forth in every CaringBridge post. Your faith shined through always.

You moved on to laugh with the Lord last night. I cried for all those motherhood things that you will miss. I cried for not getting to know you better. Then I remembered all that you had written through the years and the path you showed us all. The path you started back in Jr camp that joy can be seen in all things.  Thank you LoraJean.

The reviewal (visitation) will be at Evangel United Methodist Church Friday August 10 from 4:30 to 8 p.m. and the funeral will be on Saturday August 11 at 10 am at Evangel United Methodist Church.

Church address: 2645 North Broadway, Rochester, MN 55906
Arrangements pending with Mahn Family Funeral Home

~ Cassi

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