2014 Main Evangelist Announced


Jason DeZurik is a leading Christian speaker for students and host of the radio show, Do Not Keep

Silent. His reputation for presenting Biblical truth, candid opinions and playful personality have made

Do Not Keep Silent one of the most listened to programs on the New Vision FM radio network.

Because of his 16 years in youth ministry, DeZurik is respected as a leading expert on teen spirituality.

Jason’s unique blend of modern Christian music and insightful views on student issues has captured

the attention of young at heart followers of all ages. DeZurik also keeps a full schedule speaking at

Christian schools, clubs, youth events, and music festivals (which includes Lifelight in South Dakota

and Spirit Midwest in Iowa). He has spoken in over 20 states in the last 3 years. Online, he maintains

a strong social networking presence and creates blogs and podcasts for Worldview Warriors, the

nonprofit ministry he founded to equip students to impact this generation for Jesus Christ.

In 2006 he launched Worldview Warriors and expanded its ministry to include the Do Not Keep Silent

radio show in 2009. Today, just a few years later, Worldview Warriors programming can be heard live

on over 80 Christian radio stations, as well as prerecorded, and streaming live over the Internet.

Today the ministry reaches over 100,000 people everyday via the internet and radio. Jason’s passion

is to disciple people into a right relationship with Jesus Christ. So, to keep up with demand, Worldview

Warriors created a network of speakers to travel across the country conducting conferences and

speaking to students and adult leaders. DeZurik and his team connect with students using tools of

music and the latest technologies, to inspire them with his humor, exhort them with stories of struggles

and triumphs from interviews with Christ followers, and bring real life answers to living out a Christian


Jason has a passion for speaking to students in a variety of subjects including: Integrity, Hearing and

Obeying God’s Direction, Discipleship, Becoming the Man or Woman God has Called You To Be,

Forgiveness, Perseverance, Moving From Spiritual Infancy to Spiritual Maturity, and Advancing the

Kingdom of God. He is also an expert in the Creation /Evolution Debate, with over 15 years of

intensive study and debate experience. These are a few of the topics included in the discussions on

Do Not Keep Silent and the ministry of Worldview Warriors.

Worldview Warriors Home Page: http://www.worldviewwarriors.org

Facebook Pages:

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