Children Evangelist – Chuck & Connie Bartsch

20150118_121836 2The Michigan based non-denominational couple, Chuck and Connie Bartsch, along with their family, began singing in churches back in 1986.  Soon the ministry grew into a full-time ministry, which entailed traveling on the road for most of the year.  Their 4106 greyhound bus was purchased in 1987 and was used up to 2001 when it was sold.  A fifth-wheel and truck has replaced the bus.

During their travels they have performed at the U.S. Pentagon, sung on Christian television in Clearwater, FL, performed at hundreds of churches, sung at  Senior Adult Programs, schools, Bible camps, music festivals, fairs, street outreach programs, RV parks, resorts, amusement parks, community events, seminars, and have sung on Christian radio.

Their education  represents a  Bachelor  of  Education  and  a Master of  Arts in Pastoral Ministries. Both of them were active in their local church until they went on the road full time with a music and evangelistic ministry.

Bartsch’s full time ministry is usually on the road from September until May.  During this time they do many evangelistic meetings for The Salvation Army as well as sing at churches and Senior Adults groups.  The summer is kept busy with Vacation Bible Schools as far away as Texas and Georgia and as near as their Michigan home.

Chuck and Connie Bartsch are a witness that even though a foreclosure occurred on their business, it was the stepping stone on which God encouraged them into their ministry that challenged people to “step out of their materialistic comfort zones into the Lord’s special calling for their lives.”  The Bartsch’s testify that through adversity, God’s strength enables all to become “better” not “bitter”. Results of their music and evangelistic ministry are summed up by one participant, “…It has opened my heart up to the Lord again.”

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