DISCOUNT!! Bring a Friend

Bring a friend discount through CAMP MN:
  1. You MUST register first. 
  2. At the beginning of registration you (the invitee of the new camper) MUST have the registered person in the active field. If you are trying to find the form and you are not registered it doesn’t show up. See below for screen shot #1


  1. Under the registration form look for the tab ONLINE FORMS on the right side. Click that tab.  You will then see a tab that says “Bring a friend discount.”  Click on that! See below for a screen shot # 2.


  1. Simply complete that form and submit. There are slots for only 4 names on the form. Camp MN said if you have more then 4 people please e-mail them the additional (or all) names instead (contact is below)
  2. The money will be discounted off your registration AFTER the new camper has been registered. The camper has to be at least registered (not necessarily paid).
  3. If you have already paid and get a new camper, then you will be re-funded the money.
Please note a few things about this:
  1. If you want the $25.00 to go to someone else simply call CAMP MN and they will change it. Yep it can even go towards the new camper!
  2. If you are filling out a paper registration form, please attach a note to that form that says the new camper’s name and that you are requesting the camper discount.
  3. The new camper can NOT have attended any Camp MN camp in the last 3 years to qualify.
  4. There is no official cap, but it does say on the website that it can’t exceed event registration cost.

Contact for questions

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