Break Out Sessions

This year we are trying something NEW! At 4:30pm you will have your choice between multiple classes. That’s right, we have gathered an amazing group of speakers together just for you. This is open to Junior high, Senior high, Young Adults, and Adults. Again something new you will be in true intergenerational classes in the afternoon.

What classes? Check out the list below to start planning your week.

4:30 Hour





Large Cafeteria

Bible Journaling: Cassi

Missionaries Gordon and Melissa: Youth Focus

2nd Floor Lodge

Licensed Local Pastors’ Fellowship: Empowering Leaders

Licensed Local Pastors’ Fellowship: Protecting Leaders

Turbo Boot Camp

Turbo Boot Camp

1st Floor Lodge

Church in Box: Paul

Missionaries Gordon and Melissa Adult Focus

Stump the Pastors – Q/A session

Working with Disabilities w/in the Church – Jeremy

1st Floor Retreat

Foundations of Investing – Mich

Korean Meetup: WooJae

Encouraging Children’s Leaders – Connie Bartsch

2nd Floor Retreat

Worship Topics: Becky

Taking Ministry on the Road – Connie Bartsch

Worship Topics: Becky

Field In front of Hillside

Game time: Youth

Game time: Youth

No Games

Game time: Youth

Find something on the list you like? Well if you have registered for camp yet, get to it! So you can come enjoy these classes and many other.

One Reply to “Break Out Sessions”

  1. Cathelene Nunn says:

    Cool idea… I know I will figure it all out by Friday… LOL but I like it..

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