Children’s Evangelist – Ben & Christine


Ben & Christine are back by popular demand! These professionally trained children’s ministers led the messages for the Children’s Camp two years ago, with engaging stories, exciting illusions, feats of talent, and contagious hearts for Jesus that helped kids grow deeply in their faith. This time they’re adding even more inspiring antics that will keep the kids wanting to know more about Jesus. As solid Bible teachers, they capture the imagination of the kids using clowning, juggling, miming, interactive lessons, humor and amazing illusions. Equally important is the personal time kids get hanging out with them casually throughout the week. Ben’s a “Master Clown” in the World Clown Association, and they have appeared in TV and at conferences around the world. Check out their ministry website at And this time, they’re bringing something brand new…a baby! You don’t want to miss this exciting year with Ben & Christine. It’s going to be a spiritual high!

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