2016 Missionaries – The Canny’s


Bryan and Molly Canny are missionaries to Bolivia with Evangelical Church Missions. They were last with us at Red Rock in 2010 as newlyweds preparing for their first term together on the mission field. A lot of life has happened in these 6 years. They return to Red Rock with two children, Cecilia (3 1/2 years old) & Liliana (turning 1 year old on July 13) and are ready to share all that God has done in this last term and the vision He has given them for the future.

Their main ministry focus has been Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) Tutoring Center. New Hope was opened in 2012, under the leadership of Bryan and Molly in partnership with Evangelical churches in the Santa Cruz district, in order to give the children of Santa Cruz, Bolivia a place to belong. New Hope serves children from age three through sixth grade. The center seeks to provide three things:

A safe place (many children are locked in at home alone or out on the streets while their parents are working) A place to learn (many parents have a third grade or lower level education and are unable to assist their children with schoolwork) A place to experience the love of God

During its four years of operation, New Hope has served 75-150 children each year. The center offers help with homework, extra support and enrichment activities, school supplies, special activities for children and families, game and snack time, and a devotional lesson each day.

The volunteers and staff who work at New Hope have been able to build relationships with children and families. They are blessed to be able to watch children grow and learn and see their hearts softened to God’s word. Bryan and Molly plan to return to Santa Cruz, Bolivia in the fall of 2016 to open New Hope once again. They also have a vision to reach more children by opening four more centers in other local neighborhoods in the coming years.

Will you help bring New Hope to the children of Santa Cruz?

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