2016 – Bible Study Leader – John Praetorius

JRP-COLOR PIC 1 2-25-16

John has deep roots at Red Rock and is no stranger for those who have a long association with the Camp. A third generation pastor,  as a 14 year old he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at Red Rock under the preaching of his dad who was the camp evangelist. When he was 19, he dedicated his future profession (to be a lawyer) to God at the altar rail at Red Rock. After doing his thing working as an attorney – the bulk of his time spent as a criminal prosecutor – John finally answered the call to ministry God had laid on his heart when he was 9 so that John could now do HIS thing. His passion in ministry is for the spiritually lost to find salvation in Jesus and to then grow into mature followers of Christ who are active in helping God’s Kingdom grow.

John has performed 3 prior stints as Red Rock Bible teacher and served as Vice President for 13 years. In the latter role he led worship in the morning and evening sessions, and also preached the equivalent of a weeks’ worth of camp filling in days evangelists had to arrive late or leave early. Along with his wife Laurie, who served as music leader for ten years, Red Rock made the transition to contemporary worship. He has served as a church and camp evangelist, and had the privilege of preaching the final sermon in the old Tabernacle here at Koronis Ministries.  John also taught the theology course for 125 Lay Pastors at a school in Uganda. During his 21 years as pastor of Grace UMC in St. Cloud, attendance grew by 245% and the church relocated and constructed a new building. John is currently a pastor at Relevant Life Church in St. Cloud, with a ministry emphasis in the area of Spiritual Growth and Discipleship.

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