Missionary 2017 – Krista Landaas


I grew up in Oregon City, Oregon, in a loving Christian home as the oldest

of three children. I cannot remember a time when I did not hear about

God and Jesus’ love for us. I gave my life to Jesus when I was 7 years

old during VBS. Since that time, I have known without a shadow of a

doubt that God is calling me to be a missionary. When I was 15 years old,

I surrendered myself fully to God and the Holy Spirit during Multnomah

Holiness Camp. God used that camp to show me that even though I was

a child of God, I had not given my whole life and desires over to Him. He

showed me that He wanted everything and not just the part I was willing

to give.

I attended Northwest Nazarene University and earned my degree in

music education. I had questioned whether or not it was God’s will for

me to earn this degree because I didn’t see it as getting me any closer to

the mission field. However, throughout my years at NNU and my years of

teaching, He showed me that He had a wonderful plan in mind, even if it

did take a longer route than I would have wished. For the last five years,

I have been an elementary music teacher in the public school system.

God has shown me that He has placed in me a passion for the lost,

hurting, and abused children of this world. Currently it is God’s will that I

show His love, hope, and purpose to the children of the American Indian


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