The Five E’s of Red Rock Camp

Encounter God

Experience Holiness

Equip Generations

Empower Leaders

Engage Communities


Spend a week with God experiencing his renewing love and saving, healing power at Red Rock Camp on the shore of Lake Koronis near Paynesville, MN.  Red Rock Camp is for the whole family and it is named for a miracle in Minnesota recognized by natives and the first Methodist missionaries.  They found a granite boulder surrounded by limestone cliffs along the Mississippi River. While the natives worshiped the Great Spirit and painted red stripes on the rock, the missionaries saw the rock and stripes as reminders of Jesus’ sacrifice and presence among us.  For decades, camp meetings were held near that rock and thousands found new life in Christ. Today when people attend Red Rock Camp and are touched through children, youth and adult evangelists and teachers, they partake in a five-fold mission to: Encounter God, Experience holiness, Equip generations, Empower leaders and Engage communities.  Amazing things unfold when people gather and seek Christ for a week.  Nothing is impossible for those who believe!

“As a pastor I have a lot of options of church camps to promote and attend. I love Red Rock because I see life change in those who attend. It also is a huge blessing to me and revives my spirit each year I have been a part of it.” ~ Pastor Paul Marzahn

“The year was 1973. A Pastor Langmade stopped by our place, outside Elgin, just to say “hello”. I was currently laid off from my truck driving job. well, he kept coming back and coming back, nagging, I called it then. He would bring his smoked carp, I would give him goat’s milk.We finally started attending church. one day he said he desperately needed someone to work at the waterfront at a Bible camp called Red Rock. it wouldn’t cost me a thing, so away we went. Mid-way through the week I rededicated my life to Christ. The next year our whole family went, and my wife Jan was baptized in Lake Koronis by Pastor Gordon. All of our kids made a profession of faith. Our grandson Jeremy went to Red rock when he was only 2 weeks old, and attended for 15 years. We missed a few years since then, because we ended up selling our home, attending Vennard Bible College, plus 3 years at Asbury Theological Seminary. I retired from the Minnesota Conference and am now serving in the Kentucky Conference, all because of one persisten (nagging), dedicated Christian named Gordon Langmade, who knew the importance of a family Bible Camp where people are given the opportunity to experience the love and foriveness that only Jesus Christ can provide.” – Dancing with Jesus, Ron Suntken (AKA Captain Ron)


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