Camp Missionary 2022

Steve and Kelly Solheim

Hi! We’re Steve and Kelly Solheim, and we lead a team of passionate Christ-followers. Made up of prayer warriors, church partners, and supporters from all over the world, Team Solheim is a powerful force. And together we are discipling a new generation of leaders to shape the nation of Honduras for the glory of God.

You might say our family is a little competitive. As long as our son, Nick, can remember, we’ve been sharing our meals, settling our differences, and connecting with one another over a hand of Uno or a game of Ticket to Ride. But while we were earning bragging rights with a hard-fought Settlers of Catan victory, we never dreamed that God was preparing our family for a powerful ministry in a country far from home.

The purpose of our ministry is to build meaningful and genuine relationships with children and youth so that we have opportunities to speak God’s Truth into their lives.

Church programs such as Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, youth services, and camps are critical learning tools in the church and useful for education and evangelism. However, we believe that true discipleship requires one-on-one mentorship and the willingness to walk side-by-side through life with one another, no matter the starting point of one’s faith. Building this kind of relationship requires an intentional effort to spend time with, listen to, and understand the physical, spiritual, social, and educational needs of a young person in order to best demonstrate and share God’s love and instruction on an ongoing basis.

The Lord took our love for board games and gave us a unique way to build relationships with young people. Now when we play checkers, we’re encouraging a young man to stay in school. When we play Jenga, we’re teaching a youth leader to listen to a teenager in crisis. And when we play Yahtzee, we’re helping a family come together after a tragedy.

Serving in La Esperanza, Honduras, we’re working with churches, Christian leaders, and young people to change the way we think about relationships, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, and resource management, sharing a biblical worldview that will transform hearts and communities for the kingdom of God.

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