2016 Missionaries – The Canny’s


Bryan and Molly Canny are missionaries to Bolivia with Evangelical Church Missions. They were last with us at Red Rock in 2010 as newlyweds preparing for their first term together on the mission field. A lot of life has happened in these 6 years. They return to Red Rock with two children, Cecilia (3 1/2 years old) & Liliana (turning 1 year old on July 13) and are ready to share all that God has done in this last term and the vision He has given them for the future.

Their main ministry focus has been Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) Tutoring Center. New Hope was opened in 2012, under the leadership of Bryan and Molly in partnership with Evangelical churches in the Santa Cruz district, in order to give the children of Santa Cruz, Bolivia a place to belong. New Hope serves children from age three through sixth grade. The center seeks to provide three things:

A safe place (many children are locked in at home alone or out on the streets while their parents are working) A place to learn (many parents have a third grade or lower level education and are unable to assist their children with schoolwork) A place to experience the love of God

During its four years of operation, New Hope has served 75-150 children each year. The center offers help with homework, extra support and enrichment activities, school supplies, special activities for children and families, game and snack time, and a devotional lesson each day.

The volunteers and staff who work at New Hope have been able to build relationships with children and families. They are blessed to be able to watch children grow and learn and see their hearts softened to God’s word. Bryan and Molly plan to return to Santa Cruz, Bolivia in the fall of 2016 to open New Hope once again. They also have a vision to reach more children by opening four more centers in other local neighborhoods in the coming years.

Will you help bring New Hope to the children of Santa Cruz?


Young Adult Campership


We are so excited to announce a new campership program for young adults this year! We believe that young adults are vital to the legacy of Red Rock Camp.

We also know that it can be hard to come up with a way to pay for camp, while attending college. But, we don’t want you to miss out on camp due to finances. So, we have set up a campership fund to help pay half of your way to camp.

Ready for the specifics:

To apply you must be a full time college student or Serving in the Military

You must attend camp (either full time or part time)

That’s it!

You do have to fill out a form requesting the campership and send it to admin@redrockcamp.org

We are so blessed to have you be part of Red Rock Camp!

If you have questions please contact Rachel Foss at admin@redrockcamp.org or 507-269-4547.

We can’t wait to see you this year at Red Rock Camp!



Children’s Evangelist – Ben & Christine


Ben & Christine are back by popular demand! These professionally trained children’s ministers led the messages for the Children’s Camp two years ago, with engaging stories, exciting illusions, feats of talent, and contagious hearts for Jesus that helped kids grow deeply in their faith. This time they’re adding even more inspiring antics that will keep the kids wanting to know more about Jesus. As solid Bible teachers, they capture the imagination of the kids using clowning, juggling, miming, interactive lessons, humor and amazing illusions. Equally important is the personal time kids get hanging out with them casually throughout the week. Ben’s a “Master Clown” in the World Clown Association, and they have appeared in TV and at conferences around the world. Check out their ministry website at www.bencomedy.com. And this time, they’re bringing something brand new…a baby! You don’t want to miss this exciting year with Ben & Christine. It’s going to be a spiritual high!

Youth Speaker 2016- Jeff Lister, Jr.


We are excited to announce Jeff Lister as the 2016 Junior and Senior High speaker.

Jeff Lister is a Campus Pastor at Chi Alpha and Varsity Church, both located on the University of Minnesota campus. He enjoys pastoring college students, leading the host teams, and preaching the word to students around the U.

He and his wife, Abby, both attended North Central University and now live near the University of Minnesota. They enjoy grabbing Starbucks any chance they can, are big fans of any Chicago sports, and love investing into young people’s lives.

2016 – Main Evangelist – Rev. Todd Eckhardt

RimagesBBMSDHCBev. Todd Eckhardt is the Vice-President of Homeland Ministries for World Gospel Mission. He has

served in ministry for 25 years. During this time he has pastored a local church, served as adjunct

faculty in teaching short-term mission leadership and heads up mobilization, missionary funding, and

Member Health for WGM.

Todd is a graduate of Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary.

He is ordained in the Evangelical Church denomination. His time pastoring in a local church was from

1990-1999 in Everson, PA. While pastoring, the church worked with the Greater Pittsburgh Billy Graham

Crusade and the Promise Keepers. Todd mobilized donors and volunteers for both these events. While

serving the church in Everson volunteers were organized to complete a $400,000 addition for the


Todd has served with WGM since 1999. During this time he has supervised the recruiting of missionary

candidates and volunteers. He also supervises Men With Vision, a volunteer auxiliary of WGM. In

addition to mobilizing missionaries and volunteers, Todd heads up the training and assisting missionaries

in their fund-raising strategies.

In the past several years Todd has been trained in the principles of Transformational Giving and now

trains missionaries and church leaders around the world in the principles being mission active Christians.

Todd speaks in a variety of settings. He has been the speaker for revivals, retreats, camp meetings,

college chapels and mission conferences. His ministry with WGM has allowed him to speak in over 15

different countries as well as across the U.S. He is also trained in giving seminars on short-term missions,

mission team orientation, mission strategies for churches and Transformational Giving.

He and his wife live in Fort Wayne, IN with their four children.

Break Out Sessions

This year we are trying something NEW! At 4:30pm you will have your choice between multiple classes. That’s right, we have gathered an amazing group of speakers together just for you. This is open to Junior high, Senior high, Young Adults, and Adults. Again something new you will be in true intergenerational classes in the afternoon.

What classes? Check out the list below to start planning your week.

4:30 Hour





Large Cafeteria

Bible Journaling: Cassi

Missionaries Gordon and Melissa: Youth Focus

2nd Floor Lodge

Licensed Local Pastors’ Fellowship: Empowering Leaders

Licensed Local Pastors’ Fellowship: Protecting Leaders

Turbo Boot Camp

Turbo Boot Camp

1st Floor Lodge

Church in Box: Paul

Missionaries Gordon and Melissa Adult Focus

Stump the Pastors – Q/A session

Working with Disabilities w/in the Church – Jeremy

1st Floor Retreat

Foundations of Investing – Mich

Korean Meetup: WooJae

Encouraging Children’s Leaders – Connie Bartsch

2nd Floor Retreat

Worship Topics: Becky

Taking Ministry on the Road – Connie Bartsch

Worship Topics: Becky

Field In front of Hillside

Game time: Youth

Game time: Youth

No Games

Game time: Youth

Find something on the list you like? Well if you have registered for camp yet, get to it! So you can come enjoy these classes and many other.

Ladies Sharing Time- Speak Life

In the song, “Words”, sung by Hawk Nelson we are challenged to think about the things we say.  The chorus echoes “Let my words be life, let my words be truth”. How often do we really stop and think about the affect of our words?
In Ladies Sharing we will have the opportunity to share the impact words have had in our lives and how we can love those around us when we choose to Speak Life.
Ladies Sharing is lead by Church Planter and local Licensed Pastor Melissa Deuel from Elko New Market area.
Hope you can join us!